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It’s been good to pray together and reflect on how our faith in God inspires us to act with compassion and build community.

Together we can help bring about a more just society, and end hunger and the need for food banks in our communities.

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We need an Essentials Guarantee

Time and again, in the gospels, we see Jesus restore dignity and bring life to people he meets. He is always available and generous with those who are struggling.

In stark contrast to this, our social security system isn’t protecting people from going without. The significant shortfall between people’s living costs and the basic rate of Universal Credit is leaving people with no option but to seek support from a food bank.

That’s why we’re working with the Joseph Rowntree Foundation to call for an Essentials Guarantee within Universal Credit, which means the basic rate is set at a level that at least covers life’s essentials and would ensure that support can never be pulled below that level.

Together, let’s make a change

Join us in calling for change and help us ensure everyone can afford life’s essentials.

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Journey with us

We invite you and your church to learn, pray and act in solidarity with people around you facing financial hardship. Together, we can build a society that is just, compassionate, generous and joyful. You and your church are key to this.

Rooted in the love of God, and called to hope, churches are perfectly placed to challenge injustice, catalyse change and build community with people at the forefront of the struggle against poverty.

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