No child should know what a food bank is, let alone use one at Christmas.

Christmas should be a time of joy and celebration, but last year, food banks in the Trussell Trust network distributed over half a million food parcels to children.


Shakia, aged 9

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Our Christmas Reality

4.5 million children are locked in poverty, with their families struggling to afford the basics, and the majority facing real destitution. 70% of us agree food banks shouldn’t be part of a modern society.

But all these drawings are from children who have either used a food bank in the last year or have learnt about food banks at school.


Orlando, aged 9


Lily, aged 10

Your support this Christmas

Food banks are doing all they can to help families in crisis, especially at this time of year. But they shouldn’t become the norm. Children shouldn’t be forced to use a food bank. They shouldn’t be learning about them at school or reading story books featuring them. The only place food banks belong is in the history books.

Our Christmas wish

Please donate today so we can work towards a future where nobody has to be referred to a food bank, at Christmas or any time of year.

Your gift this Christmas could help families who are pulled into crisis – and help our food banks to provide compassionate, practical support and advice to help resolve a crisis.


Sam, aged 6

“Without the food bank I’d have been worrying right up to Christmas about how to provide for my family, and then feeling guilty about not having managed to afterwards. It’s so important to know that people care.”


“The food bank was a life-saver, honestly. They gave me hope when I had lost all hope. It’s not just the food but the all-round care. I remember standing at their door crying, because things had dropped so low. But the food bank was a safe and welcoming place.”


“Christmas heaps extra pressure onto people already struggling to cover the cost of living. Many are unable to cover heating bills, food and other essentials, let alone the ‘extras’ that normally make this such a special time of year.”

Martin*, food bank volunteer

Please help make our Christmas Wish a reality and ensure that food banks are consigned to the history books for good.

Your support can help fight poverty in three ways:


Supporting the food bank network

Helping get emergency food to people in crisis


More than food

Helping people get additional support to resolve a crisis


Campaigning for change

Bringing people together to challenge the structural issues that lock people in poverty

*  Name changed to protect identity