Join us in asking your MP to call for a stronger social security system

In May the UK government announced a much-needed support package, targeted at people on the lowest incomes, to support with the rising cost of living. This was an important step in the right direction, but we cannot let this be a one-off. We must keep going.

Staff and volunteers at food banks are working tirelessly to support people in their communities as the price of essentials continues to soar. What we’re hearing from food banks is:

“The cost of living crisis is forcing people into impossible decisions because they simply don’t have enough money. Do they eat or buy other essentials such as school shoes for their kids?”

This isn’t right. If people are to have enough money to live with dignity, we need strong support systems that lift us out of hardship rather than plunging us deeper into poverty. This means investment in our social security system to ensure it’s a strong and effective lifeline for whenever any of us need support.

Do you agree everyone in our community should be able to afford life's essentials?

Join our campaign which asks MPs to call for a stronger social security system that supports people every day, not just in times of national crisis.

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