Our general election manifesto

Our manifesto sets out the actions we want the next UK government to take to build a future without the need for food banks.

It’s 2024, and we’re facing historic food bank need.

More than 3.1 million emergency food parcels were provided by food banks in the Trussell Trust network to people facing hardship across the UK in the past 12 months – this is the most parcels the network has ever distributed in a single year.

Urgent reform of our social security system, which isn’t even providing enough support for people to afford the essentials, is critical.

That’s why, as we approach the next UK general election, we’re setting out our manifesto to end the need for food banks.

These are the actions we urge all political parties to support, and our priorities for the next UK Government, so they can lead us into a more hopeful future.

We know what needs to change to help people who can’t afford the essentials.

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What we're asking for

We want all political parties to commit to building a future where no one needs a food bank to survive.

This requires a social security system that is fit for purpose, with cross-government action to ensure everyone has enough for the essentials.

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Our manifesto asks:

  1. Introduce an Essentials Guarantee into Universal Credit.
  2. Make debt deductions from social security payments more affordable.
  3. A long-term strategy and funding for local crisis support.
  4. Ensure people on low incomes can access affordable credit and advice on money matters.
  5. Swift and accurate decisions about disability social security support.
  6. An overhauled employment support offer.
  7. Scrap the two-child limit.
  8. New workers’ rights legislation.
  9. Invest in building 90,000 new social homes every year in England.
  10. Empower communities with places, spaces, and public transport which build connection.

How can this be achieved?

We know what’s pushing people to food banks, so we know the building blocks needed to end hunger for good.

Explore all the policy areas and recommendations covered in the manifesto and find out how to end the need for food banks.

As part of our manifesto, we’re calling for an essentials guarantee to ensure everyone has enough income to afford the essentials. Find out more