This Christmas help open the door to a future without poverty

Foodbank warehouse - Sorting food

Foodbanks offer a lifeline to those who find themselves in crisis

Our foodbanks offer a lifeline to those who find themselves in crisis. We need your help more than ever to provide the support to those who find themselves in desperate need over this festive period.

A staggering fourteen million people live in poverty in the UK, Christmas time for them is a time not to celebrate. Some cannot afford the basics like food let alone a Christmas tree or lavish presents.

Offering food, support services and signposting, foodbanks all over the UK are there to help people out of the cycle of poverty, but this alone isn’t going to stop UK hunger. Now is the time we can really focus our work to tackle the wider issues that leave people in crisis, and opening the door to a future without poverty, a future without foodbanks.

Lucy Duffy, Area Manager

“Christmas can be such a tough time for people. Not only do many of our clients have to choose between either heating their homes or putting food on the table, but there can be added pressure on social isolation around this time of year. It’s therefore always heart-warming to see how the local community comes together to support each other by volunteering and donating.”

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A gift of today can help us invest in developing our strategy to create real change for people living in poverty. Your support can help us expand our research capability, and enable us to collect evidence that can be used to create innovative solutions. You can strengthen our campaigning work, giving us the voice we need to influence policy.

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