For the first time ever, food banks are giving out more food than is being donated. This is an emergency.

We’ve launched our first ever Emergency Fund Appeal, to help meet the increased need and keep food banks going this winter.


can help provide emergency food, hot water bottles and essential toiletries for a person in financial crisis.


can help provide advice, information and support to worried families, helping them unlock additional income they’re entitled to.


can help keep food banks going this winter, providing vital support to communities across the UK.

Your gift will help food banks that are having to buy food, on a scale we’ve not seen before, or who are struggling with increased running costs. It will also help ensure that there’s always a listening ear, ready to provide information and support Рhelping people facing financial hardship, to access the benefits and grants they’re entitled to.

Your gift will help ensure we can be there for people, across the UK, who need our support this winter.

Volunteers talking to each other

All gifts made via this page, until 31 March 2023, will be put directly towards our Emergency Appeal Fund. After this date, your gift will be used by the Trussell Trust wherever the need is greatest. Thank you for your support.