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Who are we working with?

We work with a broad range of people to deliver the strategy, all of whom share our goal of a fairer society where food banks do not exist because everyone has enough income to support themselves and their families.

lisa-marie - who has experience of living in poverty

People with lived experience of poverty

People who have needed to use a food bank have a unique contribution to make in achieving change and we want to ensure these experiences are at the heart of our decision-making – from helping us design and deliver our services and programmes to helping a wider audience understand the impact of hunger and destitution.

“We are the voice of people who can speak up, people who are too afraid, too stigmatised. That’s why I speak up, for those who can’t. And people listen and things change.”
Penny, who has experience of living in poverty

female food bank volunteer

People who lead and deliver food banks

With over 28,000 volunteers providing support across the network, we’re already a movement for change. The dedication, commitment and tenacity of people leading food banks is inspiring and we’re committed to doing all we can to support each food bank over the coming years.

“The work we do here is about the whole community and the whole person, and seeking to transform people who are in this local community.”
Rebekah, Waterloo Foodbank


Since the start of the Trussell Trust, churches have played a significant role in their communities in delivering emergency food and support to people facing crisis in their communities. On average every food bank in our network has an established relationship with around 15 local churches. We’ll invest in training, resources and support to help motivate and galvanise more churches and people within those churches to support our vision.

“A partnership between the Trussell Trust and local churches is such a crucial element of addressing a sense of need, both a practical need and a sense of community connection.”
Graham Tomlin, Bishop of Kensington

Partner organisations

On a national level we work closely with organisations like the Independent Food Aid Network, FareShare, Sustain, and Menu for Change while locally key partners for many food banks will be other emergency food providers in their area.

Our work with Citizens Advice, Citizens Advice Scotland, Advice NI, Turn2us, StepChange, MIND and the Fuel Bank Foundation means we can offer additional support beyond emergency food.

In our policy work, we work with key partners, including the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, StepChange and the Children’s Society.

We also work nationally and locally with businesses like Tesco, Asda, Waitrose, Morrisons, Mars Food, Unilever, New River, and British Gas. Find out more about these partnerships.

“The Children’s Society stands with the Trussell Trust in their new vision to end the need for food banks, and we are proud of our close partnership.”
Mark Russell, CEO, The Children’s Society

People who support our work

The generosity of the general public underpins our work and enables us to support food banks to offer compassionate support to people in crisis for as long as they’re needed. From bike rides to bake sales and writing to local MPs and saying a prayer, everyone who supports our work is helping us get closer to a future without the need for food banks.

“It’s been amazing to see so many local people from all walks of life pitching in together to help their community.”
Catherine, food bank volunteer

People who can shine a spotlight on our work

This helps us to raise public awareness and improve understanding of the causes of poverty. We will continue to work with people and institutions who can inspire, inform, and activate people to create change.

“When I was growing up, food banks weren’t a thing. As my son grows up, I want to be part of building a future where everyone has enough money for the essentials – because this can change.”
Liam Payne, singer-songwriter

If you’d like to join this group of people working towards a future where nobody needs to rely on a food bank, find out more here.

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