Amazing fundraising in Aylesbury

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By Susan, Aylesbury

When the pandemic hit last year, I realised so many people were going through hardship and couldn’t afford the basics, such as food. So, I started thinking how I could help and do my bit for the community.

People contribute and support food banks in any way they can: some hold coffee mornings to raise money while others might make cakes. I love gardening and I have a big garden with lots of plants, so I thought why not share them with other people to support a good cause? In April 2020 I set up a stall outside my house and started selling my plants. The idea turned out to be a success and it was really appreciated by passers-by: it raised £700 for Aylesbury Foodbank.

This year, I decided to share my passion and my garden with our neighbours and visitors once again: my stall outside the house is up and running! But this year there is more.

As the chairman of the Quainton Gardening Society, when two of our members suggested to open our gardens to visitors -something we have not done in a really long time – I thought it would be another great opportunity to raise money for charity. On the weekend of 22 May, six gardens in the village of Quainton opened their gates to visitors between 2pm and 5pm and half of the money raised by this event will go to Aylesbury Foodbank.

We know that the reason why people do not have the money to afford food and essentials is a complicated multi-faceted problem, caused among other issues by unemployment, family breakdown and health problems. Supporting food banks at this time is really important, here and now people going though hardship need help and this is my way to contribute towards a hunger free future.