Why working with Asda & FareShare will help bring us closer to ending the need for foodbanks

Samantha Stapley, our Head of Operations for England, shares more detail about our new partnership with FareShare and Asda

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It’s simply not acceptable that so many people in the UK face hunger, and we won’t sit by whilst increasing numbers of people are expected to hit crisis and need a foodbank’s help.

We’re committed to creating long term change, challenging the structural issues that lock people into poverty and seeing an end to the need for foodbanks. Whilst we work on this, we’re also committed to ensuring everyone referred to a foodbank in our network receives the best possible support.

That’s why we’re pleased to announce a new partnership between Asda, FareShare and The Trussell Trust in a three-year programme that will help to tackle hunger in the UK in a number of ways.

Firstly, it will provide grant opportunities directly to foodbanks in our network, helping projects to access more training, volunteer resources, support and funding to provide not only emergency food to people referred, but even wider support to move out of crisis.

Crucially, the funding will also help us to enhance our More Than Food projects, offering more support to people at the point of crisis and helping rebuild community and dignity for people locked into hunger and poverty. Projects like our six week budget cookery course and holiday clubs provide more holistic support, and more funding for training volunteers will mean people can get targeted advice when they need it most.

We’re excited that the partnership will support the development of a fresh food delivery structure with food redistribution charity FareShare, giving more foodbanks in our network the opportunity to offer fresh food alongside the standard emergency food parcel to people referred.

Whilst all of this additional support will make a real difference to people at foodbanks in the immediate future, we will continue to unwaveringly speak truth to power, gathering robust evidence and raising awareness of the lived experience of people in poverty, so we can tackle the root causes of hunger in the long term. Over the last two years, our landmark research into hunger and poverty has already started to shed a light on why so many people are unable to afford food, and we’re pleased that this funding will support our research into the drivers of food insecurity and foodbank use over the next three years.

At the moment too many people across our society are facing hunger and that’s just not right. But it doesn’t have to be an inevitable part of Britain’s future. There are thousands of foodbank volunteers on the ground across the country, determined to ensure no one in their community goes hungry, and we’re privileged to be able to work alongside them to offer the best possible support to people whilst at the same time working towards a future where everyone is able to afford food. This funding will enable local communities to do this even more effectively.

We’re here to end hunger in the UK.