Mirror Newspaper & Unite Christmas Appeal Raises Over £100,000

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December 2013 saw The Mirror launch its ‘Give Our Kids A Christmas Appeal’ with Unite the Union which raised money for foodbanks specifically to help provide Christmas food for those struggling over the festive season. With your help foodbanks will have given emergency food to up to 60,000 over the Christmas period and this appeal, together with The People’s Toys Appeal, has transformed Christmas for thousands of families. The response to these appeals was overwhelming and we’d like to say a big thank you to readers of The Mirror and The People, as well as Unite members, for their incredible kindness.

I’m sure you’ll be as moved as we were by some of the comments that came with the donations:

“I am sorry I could not donate more” said someone who gave us £3. “I am barely making it as a single parent with a child of special needs as it is. The point is: I am making it, and wish to do what I can so others may make it too”.

And here’s what support from Trussell Trust this Christmas meant: “Without the foodbank I’d have been worrying right up to Christmas about how to provide for my family, and then feeling guilty about not having managed to afterwards. Now, we can have a proper Christmas. It’s so important to know that people care.”

What we do with your help and support means a great deal to many people……..thank you.